Subject to the direction and resolutions from the Annual General or Special meeting, the executive committee shall have the power to control, manage and determine the direction of the society in accordance with the Society’s objects and such decisions shall be binding. The power shall include but shall be not limited to the following;

A.  To generally control and manage the day to day affairs of the Society.

B.  To carry out short, medium and long term planning of the Society and the leading, organising and control of activities of the Society.

C.  The preparation of an annual financial budget for the Society.

D.  To borrow monies or incur liabilities on behalf of the Society as may be necessary or expedient In furthering the object of the Society PROVIDED HOWEVER in no case shall the Executive Incur Capital expenditure per annum beyond the sum of 5,000 (or in the case of items of a revenue nature, then 5,000 per item with discretion to increase such expenditure per item  of anticipated revenue in the nature of an event(e.g. Ball, dance or concert) were going to be sufficient to reasonable cover such expenditure) without the approval of a resolution of the annual General meeting of the Society or a special General Meeting of the Society called for that purpose.

E.  From time to time to invest and reinvest the money of the Society in accordance with these regulations.

F.  To enter into on behalf of the Society any legal agreement, contract or arrangements for the purpose of carrying out the Society’s objects.

G. The Executive shall have the power to employ, commission, co-opt or call upon any person or persons, within or outside the Society to carry on such task requested of Them by the Executive Committee to help in achieving  the Society’s objects.

H.  To carry out any correspondence on behalf of the Society under the signature of the President and or the Secretary of the Society and to sign any documents including cheques and securities, relating to the finances of the Society under the signature of the President or one Vice President and the Treasurer of the Society.

I.  The Executive shall meet when and where it decides. The Executive shall meet at least once per Month PROVIDED HOWEVER the Executive Committee may meet more frequently if the President or 5 Executive Committee members requisition as such.

J.  The Executive Committee shall from time to time decide and publish the by-laws of the Society which by-laws shall include the order of debate for Meetings of the Society.