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Zaprešić Boys & Nered

3rd November 2018

The massive World Cup hit this summer ‘Igraj Moja Hrvatska’ by the group Zaprešić Boys & Nered was performed live at our Society on Saturday the 3rd November for the first time!  

The group are renowned for many Croatian football fans' hits over the years and have recently released a new single 'Moja' ahead of their Australia & New Zealand Tour. They performed in Sydney at King Tomislav Club and also at Croktoberfest 2018 in Melbourne.  

The song ‘Igraj moja Hrvatska’, was one of the most played songs in Croatia in 2018. Zaprešić Boys have had a number of other hits over the years such as ‘Srce vatreno’, ‘Samo je jedno’ and ‘Neopisivo’.

The group formed in 2005 and played in front of over 100,000 fans on Zagreb’s main square when the Croatian team was welcomed home from the 2018 World Cup in July. Check out their songs on Youtube.

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