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Croatia earthquake relief fund

CCS Earthquake Relief Account:



Earthquake Relief Fund

Below is the Croatian TV clip from the "Glas domovine" (Voice of homeland) programme featuring the Croatian Cultural Society's work helping people affected by the recent earthquake in the Banovina region. On behalf of the Society, Mr. Vinko Curin and his son Petar visited Sibic village near Petrinja and outlined the Society's initiatives uniting the Croatian diaspora in the earthquake relief efforts.

The President of the Society, Goran Katich also issued a message:

"The most recent earthquake in Banovina galvanised Croatians around the world to organise help for the devastated areas. The Croatian diaspora has once again stepped up when the need arose to support their homeland, thus showing its unity and humanity. The devastated villages in Banovina were visited by representatives of the Croatian Cultural Society which was involved in collecting help for those in need. We have recorded their visit to the village Sibic near Petrinja."

We have now raised $31,450 thanks to your incredible efforts!

For those who would still like to donate, here are the account details and reference.

  • Croatian Club Account: 02-0152-0020000-003

Every bit counts and is going directly to those who need it most on the ground in the impacted areas.

Audio from Croatian Radio regarding CCS Auckland in Sibiću