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Notice of Croatian Cultural Society AGM

The 2023 AGM will be held at the Croatian Cultural Society clubrooms on Sunday 28 May, 3pm. 




Minutes of previous AGM


President's report

Treasurer's report

Financial Overseers' report

General Business

Notification of Nominations received:


President: Len Stulich

Vice president (2): Bozenka Mrkusich, Goran Katich

Treasurer: Stefan Erceg

Secretary: Tiana Miocevich


Committee (12):

Luka Farac

Marinko Peovic

Anthony Rudez

Zvonko Knezevic

Goran Vrdoljak

Franchelle Senicic

Dragan Saric

Antony Arnerich

Anka Bulog

Ivan Zonich

Victor Mrkusich

Ivan Hrestak


Voting at the Annual General Meeting

The President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and committee members are deemed to be elected as there are exact numbers nominated as are positions available. Nominations have now closed.