Meetings                                                     6

A.  The proceedings and records of meetings of the society may be conducted in either the Croatian or the English language, or partly in one and partly in the other.

B.  Annual Meetings The annual general meeting of the society shall be held during May. After the completion of the annual financial report for the year ending 31st March Immediately preceding the meeting. The time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the executive committee. The business of annual general meeting shall (apart from matters normally included in the procedure of meetings) include

  1. Minutes of prior annual meeting
  2. The President’s report
  3. The Treasurer’s report which shall include the financial report and balance sheet for the previous year.
  4. The election of the scrutineers
  5. The election and appointment of officers
  6. The election of the disciplinary committee
  7. The election of the financial overseers
  8. Auctioning of a pre-publicised agenda
  9. General business.

Special General Meetings

A. The secretary and/or president and/ or vice president may call a special general meeting of the society at any time for the transaction of any business they may have in hand. Such officers shall also call a special general meeting if same is requisitioned by the executive committee, Twenty financial members who have first signed a dated requisition in writing Which requisition must state the purpose of the meeting? In any case all special meetings shall be held within 30 days of being requested in writing and members shall be given 10 clear days notice of the time, place and purpose of the meeting. In any case all special general meetings shall be held within 30 days of being requested in writing and members shall be given 10 clear days notice of the time ,place and purpose of the meeting.

Members Meetings There shall be at least 4 full members meeting held quarterly in each and every year. The agenda for such meeting shall be set by the executive.

Notice of Meeting. Annual general meeting, a minimum of 28 days (4weeks) notice shall be given of all annual general meetings.Members meetings and special general meetings, Members shall be given 10 clear days notice of members and special general meetings. All notices will be given in writing and sent by post to all current society members at their last known address. Non receipt of a notice shall not invalidate a meeting.

Quorum. Annual general meetings, Special general meetings, member meetings.( not Including dissolution Meeting) The quorum for These meetings shall be 25 financial ordinary members

Of those present in voting at any such meeting on any question shall be binding on all Members of the society including those absent or abstaining from voting

Executive meetings 9 elected members of the executive committee shall constitute a  Quorum of such committee.

Quorum Not Present. At any meeting of the society including executive committee Meetings, at Which a quorum is not present within half an hour of the time for which such meeting is Called, such meeting shall stand adjourned to the same time and day of the following week If a quorum is not present within half an hour of the commencement of the adjourned Meeting, then that meeting will proceed irrespective of the number of members present And its decisions will be binding on the society.

Voting. At all Meetings, every life member and financial ordinary member present in person shall 

Have one vote on each motion before the meeting. In the event of any equality of voters On any matter including but not delimited by the foregoing election of officers a further Ballot shall be held and if this again should result in an equal vote, whoever is presiding at Meeting shall exercise casting vote. All motions to be decided at meetings of the society And the executive committee (except elections) shall be determined by the presiding Officers ruling on the voices, provided that motions shall be determine  by a show of Hands or by secret ballot if a majority of members present so require.

Proxy Voting  Proxy voting shall only be permitted at annual General meetings. An eligible voting member may cast a proxy vote at an Annual General meeting only if unable to attend that meeting due to illness, disability or leave of absence and then the correct procedure for proxy voting must be followed. The correct procedure of proxy voting is as follows;

A. The member shall have first sought and obtained in writing the special leave of the executive Committee to cast a proxy vote.

B. The proxy vote shall be valid only if made on the proper proxy form provided from time to time by Executive committee, form must be properly completed and placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked Proxy vote with his or her name on the back of the envelope.

C. The proxy vote must be received at the society office not less one day prior to the Annual General Meeting.

D. The proxy vote shall be retained unopened in the custody of the secretary  who shall hand it over to the scrutineers at the Annual General Meeting.