Croatian Cultural Society Rules

The Officers Of The Society                       7

A. The society shall be governed by an Executive Committee elected by the financial ordinary Members and life members . The Exegative Committee shall consist of; The President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and 12 committee members.

B. The executive committee shall elect from among its committee an Assistant Secretary and an Assistant Treasurer.

C. The Executive committee may from time to time and as required co-opt persons to its committee Those co-opt members will not have a vote on the Executive committee.

D. The election of officers for the Exegative committee shall be carried out at the Annual General Meeting. All members of the retiring Executive Committee may offer themselves for re-election.

Qualification For Office  

A. No member of the society shall be eligible for office who is in arrears with any membership subscription at the time of his or her being nominated.

B.  A candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer must have been a financial ordinary member  or Life member of the society for at least 5 complete (not necessarily Successive) years or have been financial and ) or ordinary member of the society every year since the year of incorporation of the society.

C.  A candidate for the executive committee must have been a financial and or life member of the Society for at least two complete years preceding the date nominations close except at the first Two elections of officers following incorporation of the society.

D.  Any member of the executive committee who without explanation or leave of absence fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the executive committee shall cease to be a member thereof.

NOMINATIONS. Nominations shall be called for President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and 12 committee members.

A.  No person shall be nominated for more than one position on the Executive.

B.  Nomination shall be signed, addressed and dated by the nominator and seconder and shall be signed by the nominee to signify his acceptance of the nomination.

C.  The date for the closing of nominations shall be fourteen days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

D.  If there is not a sufficient number of nominations received to fill the executive committee positions by closing date then further nominations will be accepted at the Annual General Meeting.

E.  The Secretary shall forward to all society members by post a list of all members nominated for Office.

F.  If for any position on the executive Committee there are no more nominations then are necessary to fill the position(s), the member(s) so nominated shall be deemed to be duly elected.