Croatian Cultural Society Rules

Name                       1

The name of the organisation shall be CROATIAN CULTURAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND INCORPORATED and is hereinafter referred to as the Society.

Objectives               2

A. To uphold Croatian identity and awareness in New Zealand.
B.To extend, foster and cultivate the Croatian Culture within New Zealand.
C. To promote and foster friendship, co-operation and goodwill between all people of Croatian descent, their families, those of other ethnic groups and the people of New Zealand.
D. To initiate, organise and promote social functions, entertainment, intellectual, sporting, educational and cultural activities for the benefit of the society and its members.
E. To establish organise and promote the teaching and upholding of the Croatian language; Croatian history, literature, drama, folklore, customs, music and culture.
F. To help the old, poor and needy members of the society.
G. To raise funds and accept the same by means of subscriptions, donations, bequests, levies loans, debentures and other fundraising activities the society or its membership may arrange, for the benefit of its members.
H. To purchase , take on lease ,sub-lease, rent, hire or otherwise acquire any land and/or buildings and to erect buildings for the purpose of the society and to sell, lease, sub-lease, rent, hire or otherwise dispose of upon any terms the whole or part or any such property and generally to manage the same.
I. To do all things necessary to the attainment of these objectives or any of them,

Provided always that in carrying out its objectives the society will not be responsible to anybody or any organisation but to itself and its members. It shall not be controlled by any other organisation or group of individuals but shall act at its own discretion, subject to the objects and the interests of the society.