About Kolo

Throughout a large part of Croatia, the Kolo (traditional folk dance) continues to be the centre of village social life. The Kolo as a dance became a tool for social gathering, and was often the main occasion in which young men and women could get to know each other. With many dances, the singing of jocular verses during the performance served as a way to express feelings or tell a story. Kolo is traditionally performed for special occasions such as harvests, weddings, and religious celebrations.


The Kralj Tomislav Folklore Ensemble is today recognised as New Zealand's premiere Croatian Kolo group. Established in 1994 at the Croatian Cultural Society in Henderson, Auckland, the Kralj Tomislav Folklore Ensemble is proudly named after the first King of Croatia. It has grown from humble beginnings with just a handful of enthusiastic members to a professional group of more than 100 talented performers across all age levels.


Over the years, Kralj Tomislav has been invited to perform at numerous events and civic functions, both within New Zealand and overseas.  Performers have danced at Parliament in Wellington, Hamilton, Australia and Croatia and have frequently featured in the media, at  local, national and international levels.

The talents of the ensemble have not gone unnoticed on a world stage; with new invitations to perform in Australia and Croatia once again, Kralj Tomislav is certain to build international acclaim.