CASES NOT PROVIDED FOR IN THESE RULES                      15 

Any matter occurring that is not provided for by these rules and regulations shall be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and binding unless and until such decision shall be superseded by any decision  of a general or special meeting of the Society.

VISITORS                                                  16

Any person not a member of the society shall not have automatic entry to the clubrooms of the Society. The Executive Committee or any member of the Society may, however, extend to visitor or friend an invitation to the Society’s clubrooms on such occasion and upon such conditions as the Executive committee may from time to time determine or allow subjects to such visitor or friend signing the visitor’s book.

The Executive Committee or host member shall be responsible for the conduct of such visitor or friend while such visitor is on the Society’s premises.

INTERPRETATION                                                         17

The headings used in these rules shall constitute a guide only and shall not affect the interpretation of those rules. Words signifying the male sex shall extend to and include the female sex; words signifying the singular shall extend to and include the plural and in each case the latter shall extend to and include former.