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Language Lessons

We’ve had a great response to our language classes.

The class times are:

  • 7-12 years of age, 2pm
  • 13-18 years of age 3pm
  • Adult Classes 4pm

All classes are 1 hour sessions.

If you are not currently a financial member we will have membership forms for you to fill in and submit with payment to be eligible to attend the language lessons.

Information and forms regarding membership are available on the club website.  Term One is complimentary for current financial members.

Please register email Nada Stulich with the below details:

  • Full name.
  • Age group i.e children’s age or specify if you are an adult
  • Level of Croatian that you currently know e.g. beginner, understand, speak a little etc
  • Email contact.
  • Phone number.


HR4EU is a free portal for Croatian e-learning. It is developed by linguists according to the linguistic material from various language resources: corpora and lexica.

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A club announcement that Language Lessons will be resuming on Sunday 14th June.

A reminder that you must be a financial member of the Society to be eligible for the language lessons.

To register please contact or

See you there!