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Annual General Meeting

Sunday 16th May - 4pm

All members are notified that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 16th May at 4.00pm at our Society Club rooms.


Voting at the Annual General Meeting

The President, Vice Presidents and Treasurer, are deemed to be elected as there are the exact numbers nominated as are positions available. As there are no nominations for Secretary, nominations will be taken from the floor at the AGM. There will be an election held for Committee Members (12) as we have more candidates than there are places. Proxy voting forms for those eligible will be available from the secretary.


See May 2021 Newsletter for nominations:

May 2021 - CCS Newsletter Volume 72


Note: No membership fees will be accepted on the day of the AGM. 


Please feel free to contact the secretary at to check your membership status if you are unsure what it is. 


  • Apologies

  • Minutes of Previous AGM Meeting

  • Matters Arising

  • Correspondence - incoming/outgoing

  • President’s Report

  • Treasurer’s report

  • Financial Overseer’s report

  • Election of Scrutineers

  • Election and Appointment of Officers

  • Election and Appointment of Financial Overseers

  • Member Fees Recommendation

Proxy Voting

Proxy voting will only be permitted at annual General meetings. An eligible voting member may cast a proxy vote at an Annual General Meeting only if unable to attend that meeting due to illness, disability or leave of absence and then the correct procedure for proxy voting must be followed. The correct procedure of proxy voting is as follows;

A. The member shall have first sought and obtained in writing the special leave of the executive Committee to cast a proxy vote.

B. The proxy vote shall be valid only if made on the proper proxy form provided from time to time by Executive committee. The form must be properly completed and placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked Proxy vote with his or her name on the back of the envelope.

C. The proxy vote must be received at the society office not less than one day prior to the Annual General meeting.

D. The proxy vote shall be retained unopened in the custody of the secretary who shall hand it over to the scrutineers at the Annual General Meeting.